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This is the new polish from CND. Our first bottle arrived at the salon today so we had a little play and I must say I am quite impressed so far.

So for those of you who have no idea what VINYLUX is the website describes it as:

VINYLUX™ is a breakthrough polish system that endures a week of fashion perfection…without a base coat! Exposure to natural light secures the patent-pending Pro-Light technology, creating an enduring, long-lasting polish. While ordinary polishes become brittle and deteriorate over time, VINYLUX dries naturally to a flawless finish and strengthens its resistance to chips over time. VINYLUX is available in 62 fashion-forward polish colors and 47 colors that match popular CND Shellac™ shades.”

How I would describe it is:

Magic polish that is meant to last a whole week! And dries unbelievably quick.

As I’m sure you can tell, at the moment I am loving it but I have only had it on for about 3 hours. although that is longer than normal polish usually lasts!

No base coat!
Just wipe nails with CND Scrub Fresh or acetone
Two coats of VINYLUX Weekly colour
One coat of VINYLUX Weekly top coat

You can touch it straight after application. I wouldn’t say it is dry straight away but certainly much dryer than any standard polish. I think after 10 minutes I was doing things as normal, which is one of the reasons normal polish doesn’t last on me! It has a great shine like CND Shellac and good coverage but does require two coats. Another great thing is that the colours match those of the CND shellac something my clients are always asking for. The real test will be in 7 days – will it still be on?

The colour I have on is ‘Dark Lava’ a deep shimmery purple brown.