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Every beauty therapist has one client that, for some unknown reason, treatments go wrong on. I like to call them the jinxed client.

In a rare gap between clients the four of us, one who is a fairly new therapist, were sat having a cup of tea out the back. The conversation turned to clients and funny treatments from when we first started, it went something like this:

Me: “I think the funniest thing was when I was tinting a ladies eyebrows. She told me that her eyebrows needed to be left on for a bit longer than normal because it takes longer for the dye to take” Being new I had listened to her and waited a longer than normal to wipe off the dye. When I eventually did wipe it off, I saw the colour and thought ……….. She’s right they don’t seem very dark…….. To tell the truth they had come out a bit of an odd colour, so I keep rubbing to make sure that I remove all the dye before handing over the mirror for her to check them over. She sat up and looked in the mirror …………..Silence……..her first words were ‘Are they grey?’ ……..Silence……… In my mind I think O MY GOD, THEY ARE GREY! PANIC!!! my actual answer “No, I don’t think so. I like them, you wouldn’t want them much darker than that” Surprisingly, she accepted it. So while she was getting her things together I started to pick up all the tint equipment and suddenly spotted that I hadn’t use brown on her eye brows I used black! Thank god I didn’t leave it on any longer!

Annie: “When I did my first spray tan without guidance, I got the client all ready paper pants, sticky feet, hair net, moisturiser on hands, feet, elbows and knees. I remembered the whole routine. Then I left my client to dry off and get changed. While I was standing outside the room feeling pleased with myself for remembering everything, suddenly a little voice calls my name and asks if I could come back in for a minute. A little puzzled I went back in to find that the client had lifted off the hair net to reveal a white forehead! I hadn’t checked that it was far enough back so now she had untanned skin from her eyebrows up and was brown everywhere else. PANIC I had to get her to hold a tissue up to her face and respray just the forehead area! Put it this way I always double check the hair net now.”

This reminded me of another incident of mine. I did a Hopi ear candle a few weeks back, a treatment I have done countless times before. I get everything ready, the client is prepped, then I light the candle and am about to place it in the ear when I suddenly realise I have set light to the wrong end PANIC I quickly blew the candle out and after a few seconds of searching my brain I decide what to do. I cut the end off, thinking it couldn’t make that much difference, then lit the other, correct, and end carried on with no issues. The feeling of panic was just subsiding when suddenly the fire alarm went off. In a peaceful salon it seemed ridiculously loud. To make matters worse not only was I doing a relaxing treatment, which requires holding a flame over someone’s head, but the lady in the next room is also having a nice relaxing massage. PANIC How was I going to stop it? I didn’t have any of the usual equipment (i.e. tea towel) to wave around and I couldn’t exactly let go of the already prematurely shortened candle. Thankfully it stopped after a few seconds. But it went off another three times in a 45 minute treatment!

Jen my boss: “That happened to me as well when I did candling the other week and the same women had a reaction to the oil I used in her massage! She’d had no problems with it before, so we sent the oil back and it turned out to be a faulty batch”

It was then that we realised that all of our horror stories had happened to the same client! She must be the worlds unluckiest women.

It was then that the new therapist Kim piped up: “I have her this weekend” with a rather panicked look on her face.

So turns out that all of us have the same jinxed client. So maybe I should rephrase my first sentence to ‘every salon has a jinxed client.’ I never did find out how our new therapist got on with her I must ask.

Why this poor women keeps coming back I’ll never know.