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I will start with a bit of back ground information. One of my regular ladies who comes the first Friday of every month for her facial without fail, and at the end of the treatment she always tells me I have magic hands and do the best facials. Books her brother in for a facial with me today. So I am expecting him to be quite similar chatty, friendly and over enthusiastic.

What actually happened was something quite different. In walked my regular lady followed by the man I presumed must be her brother, I say hello and she answers but no reply from the brother, I don’t read to much into it. I ask if she is going to wait while we do the facial and see if she would like a cup of tea.

I take my client upstairs to the room where we will be doing the facial, on the way I ask if he has ever had facials before knowing full well that he has because his sister has told me before I’m unsure what his answer was because his accent is so unusual, growing up in South Africa and now living in Glasgow, I know this because his sister has told me before so I smile and nod politely. We get to the room and I ask ‘how do you find your skin normally?’ This big tall man looks nervously back at me shuffling from foot to foot, trying to avoid eye contact “well pretty normal for a man” is what I catch then he slaps his face with one hand and I think he then said something along the lines of “my sister sends me all this stuff from here to put on it, sometimes I do but if I don’t I just go to work” I smile and nod politely.

He’s not giving me much to go on so I explain I will leave the room to let him get changed that he needs to take his shoes and jumper off and get on to the couch. He replied “what my t-shirt?” I smile and nod replying because a facial includes a shoulder massage. I leave the room.

I tap gently on the door and walk in. Men have this weird way of covering them selves over with the blanket that is on the couch for them to get under. Where as women will bring it right up to their neck men leave it just below there nipples, which is always slightly awkward, so I place a towel over his chest and folded arms. All the time he watches me with scared eyes, you would think I was about to operate on him. I try to make a little general chit chat to try and make him feel a little more comfortable, which doesn’t seem to work.

I sit on my chair and have that awkward moment in my own head. Do I or don’t I put a head band on? He has hair but not a lot, I decide I will but as I lift the side of the head band to Velcro it round his head, he too lifts his head, I wait for him to put it back down but he doesn’t until I release the head band. So I change my mind : no head band.

I begin the facial, by placing damp cotton discs onto his eyes. He practically jumped out of his skin. I then cleanse and again every time I touch his face he jumps, if I go any where near his eyes he screws them up really tight, I presume he thinks this will stop product going into his eyes. This goes on for the rest of the facial, the longest hour of my life.

I did contemplate asking if he wanted to stop half way through, but decided against it as I would probably be the one who would have to tell his sister.

At the end of the facial I quietly say ‘ok all finished’ he sits bolt up right and I think he said thanks. I leave him to get changed and say I will meet him downstairs.

His sister asks me ‘did he enjoy it?’ I smile and nod replying ‘I think so’ No! Don’t waste your money again

He comes down the stairs sheepishly and stands behind his sister, while she pays. I say bye to both of them she replies but he says nothing and they both walk out the door.

That is just one case of a man being forced into having treatments he really doesn’t want.