New Green Polish


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Just a quick little post today. Sorry about my feet being in the picture! This is a new polish to my collection OPI ‘Green-Wich Village’

It’s a lovely pea green colour, I added a few white spots with my dotting tools. Which I think work quite well a nice simple, quick design for a Sunday night.


Leopard print Nails


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20121118-082410.jpgThis is my first ever attempt at nail art really.

The dotting tools arrived on Friday and I have been watching loads of You Tube videos, to work out the best technique. Leopard Print was the one I had been wanting to try, and I didn’t think it looked to difficult.

20121118-082830.jpgDotting Tools

Actually it didn’t take me to long to do the design, I admit it could still do with some work, (it looks better from a distance) but I am quite pleased with it as a first attempt. Even when I asked my boyfriend ‘Does this look like leopard print?’ his reply was ….O it actually does!

20121118-083432.jpgThe base colour is OPI ‘That’s Berry Daring’

20121118-083539.jpgThe middle of the spots is OPI ‘Golden Eye’ from the James Bond Collection.

20121118-083653.jpgAround the outside of the spots is OPI ‘You Don’t Know Jacques!’

What do you think?
Any tips for my next attempt?

Winter Skin


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The cold has defiantly set in now and everyone’s skin needs a little extra moisture, when going from the chilly winter air into hot central heating.

I have recently started using Murads ‘Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture’ and ‘Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture For Eyes’. For the last week I have used these two products morning and evening and I must say I really like both of them.

Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture
This super rich moisturiser, from Murads Age Reform range, has a lovely velvet consistency that feels like it is giving your skin all the goodness and moisture it needs this time of year, it is a thicker moisturiser than I normally use but unlike some thick creams your skin does not feel covered in oil but enriched by the product, that easily absorbs.

What makes the magic happen:

‘Ultra-concentrated, silky moisturizing cream offers immediate and long lasting hydration providing positively radiant skin
Avocado, Sunflower and Olive Fruit Oils enhance skin’s ability to retain maximum levels of hydration
Retinyl Palmitate and Shea Butter improve texture and while restoring natural smoothness and softness
Collagen Support Complex boosts skin’s resilience and plumps dehydrated skin’

Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture For Eyes

It’s unusual to get a eye product in a pot, but actually it means you can get every last little bit out which is always a bonus. A lovely feeling eye cream, with the same velvet feel of the face cream, and the rich nourishing feel is lovely just before bed but I would say a little to rich for myself during the day. Brilliant for getting that well needed moisture back to the eye area.

What makes the magic happen:

‘Collagen Support Complex and Hyaluronic Acid – Boosts skins resilience while smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Peptide Blend – Increases elastin production to firm and awaken the delicate skin around the eyes.
Osmolyte Technology – A key ingredient to maintain optimal hydration, keeping eyes looking youthful and bright.’

So overall I would have to say I will defiantly be using these products again!


Scrub Up!


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A new body scrub to my collection that I tried today is Pevonia Linge Tropical ‘De-Ageing Saltmousse Mango-Passionfruit’.

All I can say is mmmmmmmmmmm it smells good!

It is also a really lovely scrub with big pieces of sea salt, you feel like you have given your skin a deep exfoliation, which makes it feel much smoother after, and smell delicious. It also has the added benefit of being anti-ageing which is always good no matter what your age.

Sea Salt
Sodium Lauroyl Oat Amino Acids
Passion Fruit

Smoothes skin
Infuses negative ions
Activates circulation
Ideal for all skin types

‘Offering visible anti-ageing benefits, Ligne Tropicale delivers a groundbreaking organic phyto-extracts anti-ageing therapy’

Wear It Pink!


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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and 26th is wear it pink day, so I thought I would do a pink polish manicure to show my support.

I have used one of my favourite pink polishes by Essie ‘For Get Me Nots’ it is a really girly bubble gum pink.

As always with Essie it was easy to apply and gives a great glossy finish. In the picture above I have done base coat Seche, two coats of Essie ‘For Get Me Nots’, top coat Seche.

OPI James Bond Skyfall Collection


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So the tickets are booked we are going to see the new James Bond Skyfall movie. So it only seemed right to have the right nails, so off I popped to Sally’s to get a colour from OPIs new Skyfall inspired collection for 50 years of James Bond.

I think I was looking at the colours for about 15 minutes trying to decide which to go for. In the end I have decided on ‘Goldeneye’. It was hard to capture the sparkle of this polish, it’s a really intense glitter, not those big glitters that are around at the moment but loads of tiny pieces of glitter.

Application is really easy I did do three coats to get a solid finish, but I was expecting to need to do more. It also gives a nice neat line around edges although the photo doesn’t show that very well either. It’s a really good gold polish and actually looks gold, I love it.


Essie Pretty Edgy


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I thought I would share with you my favourite colour at the moment. I do admit that my favourite does change on a regular basis but for quite a few weeks I have been loving Essie “Pretty Edgy”.

It is a really vivid green, and I know it probably isn’t very seasonal but I love it any way?

In the picture I have used base coat (seche), 2 coats of Essie “Pretty Edgy”, and top coat (Seche).

What colour are you loving at the moment?

Jane Iredale BB Cream


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Testing Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream

The BB Cream testers arrived the other week at the salon and we have all been excited to have a try.

I used BB5 with smooth affair underneath. So I began by applying a generous pea size of Smooth Affair (Facial primer and brighter) which feels lovely on the skin and give a really silky smooth finish, perfect to apply foundation to the top. Next I applied the BB5 again a generous pea size amount, maybe a little to generous, as I was a bit caked on the first attempt. On the second application I used a lot less BB5, I did find it a little sticky to apply and does take a bit of working in, I used my Jane Iredale blending brush which did help.

The rep at Jane Iredale had told us that it takes a few minutes for the colour to adjust, and at first it was very pale but after a few minutes it did get darker and was a lovely colour. The finish is a dewy full coverage. Personally I probably wouldn’t buy a BB cream for everyday because I felt it was to heavy coverage for myself, so I will be sticking with my Jane Iredale Dream Tint, and Pressed Base.

What is Glow Time BB cream?

“Our natural mineral BB Cream is a multi-tasking dynamo that combines foundation, concealer, sunscreen and moisturizer in a versatile one-step product. It’s available in 6 shades that adjust beautifully to match individual skin tones. It nourishes, protects, smoothes and brightens your skin as it provides gorgeous total coverage—for skin like luminous velvet.”

What is Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener?

“A good primer creates a canvas that allows makeup to go on easier and last longer. But that’s just the basics. Smooth Affair is a lovely translucent formula packed with deliciously fragrant botanicals that have anti-aging properties, and brighten and even skin tone, minimizing the appearance of pores. Skin feels nourished and looks smoother, the senses are uplifted. Now that’s a fresh start.”

Nail Magic!


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So everyone has tried nail strengthening products, either they over strengthen so nails break and snap or they simply just don’t work. They otherwise appear to work for awhile but then your nails go back to how they were before.

Well I can tell you that Nailtiques nail proteins work!

Nailtiques make 4 protein formulas to suit different nail types. What Nailtiques seem to do differently is they not only strengthen the nails, but keep the flex in a nail. They are simple to use just apply a coat everyday and as your nails start getting better just reduce application. You can also use them with your nail colour as a base coat.

Formula 1- Maintenance for healthy nails, to keep them healthy, strong, and flexible.

Formula 2- Treatment for peeling, soft, weak nails, to repair and heal.

Formula 3- Treatment for hard, brittle nails, to bring the flexibility back.

Formula 2plus- Treatment for severe nail problems.

So I have been using Nailtiques formula 2 for the last 2 weeks, and the difference in my nails really is amazing. I will admit that my nails were not terrible but every now and then they start to peel, (I am bad because I love to peel the layers apart once it starts which doesn’t help.) I have never had strong nails and my nails will never grow long enough even for French polish. But after only 2 weeks using formula 2 my nails are strong, no peeling in sight (good in one way but bad for my devil picking side) but most of all they are growing growing growing!

I have a lot of clients who use Nailtiques formulas and have been for a long time, it is one of those products that just sell itself, that people fall in love with and never want to be without.

So next time your nails need a little love, Nailtiques all the way.


Matte and gloss shellac!


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So today I have been trying out a new way of doing shellac that I was told about by a friend of a friend. Matte nail with glossy tip. I hope you can see from the pictures.

The way she told us to do it was to apply the shellac as normal but with two top coats, then using a buffer buff away the shine of the top layer, once all the shine is gone apply another layer of top coat to the tips and cure.

So I started doing it this way but found that the buffing just made it look a bit messy, so instead I used some Essie matte top coat that I had and then applied the tips, which worked perfectly.

Hope you like them, I think it could work with any colour I have used wildfire, looks really good with Blackpool!